Wednesday, February 8, 2012

74 Seuss & Snow

Nichs joined Abby and Ben for this episode.
Latte: Ben is knitting Borough Mittens, but without the flip tops. Nichs is knitting cabled socks out of Tosh Merino, worsted weight.
Abby's reworking the Lucky 13 hat to make one that is not felted. She's continuing with the Dahlia cardigan.
Nichs finished her Daybreak, which she knit from Happy Feet yarn. While knitting it, she discovered combination knitting, which made her stockinette much more even.
Abby's working on Julia Mueller's gloves Eddy and Meisi. She tried using Malabrigo sock yarn, but switched to Dream in Color Smooshy.
Caffeinated: Nichs and Ben are excited about Bonjour Cupcake in Olympia and suggest it's worth a trip, especially for the salted caramel flavor.
Abby reviewed Knit Simple Knitting Workshops.
Tip Jar: Ben suggests buying firewood when you can. (Olympia had a great, atypical snowstorm.) Abby extols the virtues of Goo Gone.


  1. I love you guys! I've been listening to you for ages and thought it was time to say hello. I've started a video podcast and say hi from Germany.
    Oh and Abbey, you mentioned a vest with a funny collar, could you link to that, I couldn't picture it and I would love to see what you were talking about.
    Anyway, thanks for yet another wonderful podcast. You two are my warm fuzzies.