Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tour de Freakout - Episode 48

Listen here. (BTW, there is always a link to the podcasts on the right of this page.)

Latte: Abby continues to work on the Transition Point socks; Ben continues to work on Bitterroot.
Grande: Abby finished the Orchid Thief Shawlette, which you can see here.
Bitter Cup: Abby had issues with the Swing Set socks and they are now in time out. Vonica had a few burps too, but is now on track.
Demi Tasse: Ben had some thoughts on how to recruit more (especially male) knitters. One answer: knit in public!
Taste: Abby reviewed Knit, Swirl!, a book of amazing new sweaters by Sandra McIver. These gorgeous, drapy inventions are unlike anything we've ever seen before.
Bite Back: Ben reveals that he is studying for two degrees; one in History and another in Economics. Abby will reveal what she's studying in her Knitajourney interview with Susan, but invites you to guess!
Stir: Tour de Fleece has been a steep learning curve for Abby, but after much trial and error, and a great deal of help from Judith Mackenzie's The Intentional Spinner, by George, she thinks she's got it!

Tip Jar: Try to see colors in natural light and trust yourself!


  1. Loved your "Stir" segment about spinning!! I'm just getting back into spinning after a long break from it and found it very informative!! Thanks and keep those great podcasts coming :)

  2. Just a suggestion- could you link directly to the Ravelry group on your sidebar? That way I can just click there from the show notes instead of having to find it in my Ravelry groups list. (Yeah yeah, I sound lazy).

    But I love this podcast- and Ben, I hope you inspire many men to start knitting! I've taught my husband to knit and I hope my son (he's almost 1) will want to in the future!