Saturday, August 7, 2010

Slightly R-rated, and a Holmes is not a House

I continue to work on my Louisa sweater, despite frogging a day's knitting. I've selected the Mason-Dixon Outside the Lines  Mitered Hanging Towel as my go-to subway knitting.

The Citron is finished, but not yet blocked, and a lesson is learned about gauge.

Ben and I took a trip to Downtown Yarns in the East Village, and were thoroughly charmed by this intimate and homey shop in the middle of New York City! Abby bought Norah Gaughan Volume 7 and learned a little about why some sweaters are knit in pieces.

My Tour de Fleece singles are plied and set. It was shocking to see how much dirt came out in the soaking! I need to play with it a bit to figure out what gauge this yarn wants to be; maybe it will turn into the Coraline sweater, but may be not. I'm looking forward to playing around with my new Phat Fiber box of goodies.

Hair sticks are my latest accessory for keeping comfortable in the city summer heat, and Dimrs are my latest "r-rated" secret.

Finally, we hear a bit about the lastest British creation from David Moffat of Doctor Who fame!

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  1. Just wanted say great pod cast. I just found podcasting not too long ago and found out about you while listening to the Knit More Girls podcast. They highly recommended you and I agree :0)

    I've listened to all of them you've done so far and you are a natural. Couldn’t download them fast enough! I love your coffee shop theme and your knitting editorials.

    I drive quite a distance to work every day (80 miles one way, takes me an hour and half to get to work) and really love listening to podcasts to fill the time commuting. I am now glad to add yours to my preferred listening list :o)